50 Ways To Ensure Excellent Customer Service

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A brand is an asset.

Chinecherem Ubaka

I attended an in-house course on ways to ensure excellent customer service in any business setting I find myself. I made some notes and I have decided to share them with you.

Ensuring customer confidence is one of the hallmarks of a successful company and enterprises. So let’s dive into the 50 ways you can ensure excellent customer service.

50 Ways of Ensuring an Excellent Customer Service.

Chinecherem Ubaka

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50 Ways of Ensuring Excellent Customer Service

  1. Do what you say you are going to do when you said you are going to do. i.e. keep to your word. If you tell a customer that his clothes will be delivered on Friday, make sure it’s Friday.
  2. Listen twice as much as you talk.
  3. Never argue with a customer especially a customer who wants a refund or exchange. Try to be calm.
  4. Ask yourself how many customers you lost last month due to poor customer service. You can learn this if you incorporate a feedback system in your organization.
  5. Customer service is either good or bad. There is no in-between in any business.
  6. If you provide only 99% service delivery, the remaining 1% is equivalent to one million customers. Thus, dont provide 99%, provide 100%.
  7. Offer your customers at least one service they cannot get elsewhere. e.g. total attention. This is the reason why you must understand the nature of your business.
  8. Once you loose customers to bad customer service, it is almost impossible to get them back.
  9. Business is not a cocktail party: There is no please in business. Dont be afraid to loose money to satisfy a customer because short-term losses can equal long-term gains.
  10. Response time should be measured in minutes not in hours. You must respond promptly.
  11. If management does not care about customer service, employees wouldnt care as well. Chairman informed the staff members that he will never cover up a wrongdoing.
  12. Dont ever accept mediocrity. [second assignment]
  13. Ensure proper communication between the Departments so as to ensure proper communication with the customer.
  14. Every customer wants to feel important. For instance, the latest time you can pick a call is if it rings three(3) times. Answer the phone by the third ring.
  15. Study excellent customer service from reputable companies.
  16. Never compete with your customers. He made reference to a Yoruba proverb in a relationship, one person should be a goat and the other should be a sheep. In business, the actions that you would not ordinarily tolerate, you must tolerate them.
  17. Never put your customers on hold without their consent.
  18. A negative attitude cancels out positive skills.
  19. It is easier to get customers than to keep them. Whether you are going to retain the customer or not depends on customer satisfaction.
  20. Toll-free customer service lines should not be a substitute for personal service. When the management take steps to make your job easy, you shouldnt thwart such a step.
  21. Develop ways of measuring your customer service. For instance, if the volume of your work is reducing monthly, your customer service is not doing fine.
  22. Return all calls within the shortest possible time.
  23. Little things makes a big difference.
  24. Improve your performance in at least three areas of your business.
  25. Hire nice people. i.e. employ nice people.
  26. Tell your customers how much you appreciate them. Then show it to them.
  27. Underpromise and overperform.
  28. Never tell a customer that it is not my job.
  29. Customers communicate with their wallets. i.e. money speaks.
  30. Empower employees to serve customers properly. This is the reason why departments should hold regular meetings in order to find out what and what is needed.
  31. Never be too busy follow- up on your customers request.
  32. Never argue with a customer.
  33. The management needs to spend time with customers.
  34. The best vehicle to increase sales is to do a first-rate customer service program. Giving discount is never a substitute for a first-rate customer service.
  35. Follow up on your customer. When you do not follow-up with your rules, you are wasting your time.
  36. Conduct feedback session from customers occasionally.
  37. Take action immediately when you hear of a customer service problem.
  38. No employee is exempt from serving your customers.
  39. Always tell the truth.
  40. Read at least one biography or autography of a successful business leader this year.
  41. Customers will buy from you if they like you.
  42. Never, ever forget the customer.
  43. Excellent customer service is equal to long-term success.
  44. Ask your customer how you are doing. Theirs are the only answer that matters.
  45. Terminate employees with bad attitudes.
  46. Customers will not give you the large order if you can’t do a small one.
  47. Indifference is deadly.
  48. Never forget the basic things.
  49. Customers should never have to talk to more than two people. E.g. Manager, Front Desk. Nobody is indispensable.
  50. Customers should hear your smile over the phone. He should not hear your anger.

Your corporate culture should be built around excellent customer service. Emulate companies with excellent customer service.

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