Do you support romance without finance?

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If you no get money, hide your face; May the kudi not pass you by while you are hiding”

Can you love a girl without money; How can I love her with little cash?; No Romance Without Finance
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Who doesn’t like to be spoilt?

Who no like better thing?

Na money be fine Bobo….and many other cliches like these have sought to teach us that love can never be sweet without money. So, can we really have romance without finance?

Gary B.B Coleman told us that romance without finance is a nuisance in one of his albums. Thus, if you know that you cannot afford a relationship..please don’t go into one. Save yourself the embarrassment and hustle. This applies to the dudes and chics in equal measure.

As a lady, you are like a beautiful flower with so many admirers. You like some, dislike some and love one. Sometimes, you second-guess your choice because you don’t get the “blings” of being in a relationship like the ones you see on the social media…. Instagram to be specific. You ask so many questions which is normal. I just want to tell you try to be reasonable and pray for the spirit of discernment.

As a guy with a thin pocket, you have the tendency to believe that in order to attract the woman of your dreams, you need’em “bars”. Resist the urge to be ruled by such a limiting mindset. Obviously, you shouldn’t be thinking of romance if you are wallowing in poverty.

However, you don’t need billion dollars to enjoy a real and true friendship. Don’t rub yourself of this joy in your pursuit for money.

No Romance without Finance 101

For some guys and ladies, romance is a turn-off if there is no finance. However, it seems like it’s the ladies that have the mantra on their head. Hence, many guys have received a number of backlash a.k.a “ela” for attempting to toast their crush. These ladies have zero tolerance for sure guys and the maximum is “You can’t love me if you don’t have money”.

You can’t love me if you don’t have money.

Most ladies are ruled by erroneous captions and principles with no foundation. These ladies are on the look out for the guys with a deep pocket. Some ladies even abandon their current guy for a seemingly better one because they can see the drip and finesse. My dear, all that glitters is not gold. 

Try to be responsible for your needs and wants. This responsibility shouldn’t be accorded to someone else.

Should I break up with my guy for this rich guy? Some ladies see a better guy with the “currency” and suddenly they wish they had him instead of their current guy who is still struggling to find his feet.

Remember, the enemy you know is better than the ones you don not know.  Please dears, don’t wish. Your heavenly Father has told you that His plans for you are for good and not evil. God does not abandon his people. 

Sometimes, weigh it yourself. How do you expect a guy who just finished service to a multi-millionaire in a legit way? His life obviously just began. How much are you worth now? All these things take time. The road to success is narrow and filled with many failures and disappointments. Only the ones who walk with God and work smart attain true success. 

Can you have romance without finance?

The answer to the above question depends on the circumstances and personal preference and finance goals.

There are ladies who wouldn’t mind building with their guys to the level of financial stability. To these set of ladies, they can handle romance without a stable finance. 

Some are not interested in building with their men to the stage of financial stability at all; which is fine. The reason is that most times, the guy subsequently dumps them after making the money for a better and classy babe who had no idea of his struggles.  Remember the “Acrimony” movie?

Another reason might be because of their background. They were born with a silver spoon and so they have adopted the “no romance without finance” maxim.

Should You have Romance Without Finance?

Lol. Romance needs money to thrive even if its just recharge card bills. Nevertheless, you should know that there are some people who are just lazy drones. They in endless search for quick money without stress. These set of guys usually have sweet tongues. They decieve you into releasing the little you have and then go ahead to splunder it. This is a red flag! Beware.

Which ever path you choose, my  dear people, trust your instincts. Romance is sweet. However, romance is sweeter when there is a stable finance. Go and hustle.

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