Five Reasons Why We Do Not Have Clear Communications

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Communication becomes the oil for a relationship to thrive when it is clear.

Five Reasons Why We Do Not Have Clear Communications; Lumenar; Lumenar Blog; Chinecherem Ubaka
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By Chinecherem Ubaka

Usually when we hear “son, we need to talk”, “mother, we need to talk” or ” Baby, we need to talk”, we get cold chills and unsettled. 

Prior to the “we need to talk” episode, what happened? I mean both parties must have been conversing before then. However, this “we need to talk” time, there is designated time for a specific subject matter to be discussed.

Communication becomes the oil for a relationship to thrive when it is clear. For me, when it comes to communication in all it’s forms, clarity is beautiful. A clear communication is one in which both parties leave the meeting room  on the same page. There is no iota of confusion.

Five Reasons Why We Do Not Have Clear Communications

1. Anger

We have heard several times that anger is a spoiler. Anger is a deadly emotion that has the ability to cloud our reasoning process and make us act in the heat of the moment.  To achieve a clear communication, it’s best we do not talk when we are angry. Learn to calm down.

2. Ego

When we arrive at the meeting room with the “I know it all mindset”, then there is a problem. This is because whatever the other party is going to say will never make sense to us. We must have an open mindset  so that we can actually listen to the other party.

3. Status

The status of the parties communicating can be a barrier if they allow it. For instance, as bosses in the office, if we allow our status get into our head, it will be difficult to achieve a clear communication with our employees or subordinates and we might likely loose out on information that may mar our positions or business entities and vice -versa.

4. Channel/Approach

Yes, the communication channel is a factor. When we do not employ the right channel in communication, it would be difficult to achieve a clear communication. You don’t expect to achieve clarity if you are using text message when you ought to have had a face-to-face conversation. Neither, would you expect to have a clear conversation when you employ a formal mode of communication in an informal setting.

Furthermore, we need to watch our approach. Sometimes, you could say the right thing in a wrong manner and this could affect the desired result. Try to employ the best approach when communicating. For a guide, try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes or simply having a sense of respect and a heart of love. I am sure you do not intend to kill someone with your words; that’s what wrong approach to communication does.

5. Personality

The personality of parties involved matters a lot especially with regards to the atmosphere for the conversation. A clear communication is better achieved in a calm atmosphere. You can’t communicate well in tensed environment. It’s not possible. Whether you are hot tempered or cold tempered, you need to calm down to communicate clearly. Try to create an enabling environment for a clear communication.

With effective and clear communication, many problems can be averted and solved as well. The next time you need to talk, communicate clearly.

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