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There are so many decietful beliefs in the society propagated by the extremist of the feminist movement. These bad ideas have in one way or the other caused the adherents grief, sorrow and loss. 
Feminism as a theory or movement challenges the patriarchal system that is blessed with so many inequalities against women. It gave birth to women’s rights and activism. Furthermore, it strongly posits that women and men should be equal and that true equality cannot be achieved without a level playing ground. 

Indeed, there are so many notable women that have climbed great heights in this world as a result of their hard work, diligence and intelligence. In recent times, the calls for girl-child education especially in Africa have increased access to education for female children, increased the number of women in the Corporate world, politics and several professional bodies. 

Sadly, some women exploit the concept of feminism to sell bad ideas. A bad idea is a spoiler and if you are lucky, you can remedy the mistake. Some of the bad ideas are:

  1. Stop breastfeeding boys

 The prevalence of rape in Nigeria calls for serious concerns. Our girls do not feel safe because they can be raped at any time and place irrespective of what they are wearing. This is sad. Consequently, a “smart” woman gave us a solution; If you breastfeed your boys; you are basically teaching them that they can touch a woman’s body…, If you oppose rape; stop breastfeeding your boys”. The foregoing is a bad idea. Are all “breast fed” boys rapists? Breastfeeding your baby boy does not make him a rapist. A rapist chooses to be one and not as a result of his bonding moment with his mother. Every infant, whether male or female needs to be breastfed so they can grow healthily.

2. If men can be priests; women can be priests too

There have been clamours for “female priests” in the Catholic Church. This is a reaction to the incessant child abuse incidents discovered in the Catholic last year. Thus, to recover the integrity of the church, some women have called for the ordination of women into priesthood and have noted that since the Priesthood is the highest form of ordination, denying women into the realm amounts to treating women unequally. There are diversity in the roles of men and women and this is not prejudicial to either of them. For instance, only women can experience the pain and joy of bringing forth a new life in to this world. This is the reason why God needed a handmaiden (Mary) in order to facilitate Jesus Christ’s salvific mission on Earth. 
In the Catholic tradition, women cannot be ordained as priests of the church because priests are supposed to represent the likeness of Jesus, a make figure. Furthermore, the Catholic Church has provided many platforms for women to compliment and ‘help” the priest in their ministry. They can be Nuns, Reverend Sisters and a devoted laity member. Their exclusion from the priesthood does not make them unequal.

3. My money is for me; His money is for us

When it comes to spending, the extreme feminist forget the “equality” ideals. They remember that the man is the head of the family and that it is his duty to provide for the family. The foregoing is very correct. However, you can’t be earning money and enjoying your money alone. You are to ‘help’ and not surpress and ‘kill’ the poor man with bills. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

4. Men are Scum

No. Men are not scum. Of course, there are evil men out there. However,but its unfair to generalise and teach your girl friends, sisters, and  daughters that men and boys are scum. Consequently, they learn to despise men as well as exhibit toxic traits towards men. 

What other bad ideas have you heard about? Go on a reading date with us and explore CAN NIGERIA REGULATE THE SOCIAL MEDIA?

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