How to Become A Powerful Christain Couple

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How to Become a Powerful Christain Couple;
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The cliche “Power couple” goes beyond cute outfits and photographs

There are so many couples out there and indeed there will be countless number of couples tomorrow! However, how many powerful Christain couples do we have in our world today?

How to Become a Powerful Christain Couple

1. Pray Together

A prayer-less couple is a powerless couple

When a couple seek the face of God sincerely and together, they move mountains i.e. the challenges that come their way; they build each other and they grow together.

2. How Does Your Bonding Moment Look Like?

Do you do things together? There must be something you both do in common. It is also important that the task in question allows the both of you to bond properly and build memories.

3. Communicate clearly

As a couple, you must talk and communicate. However, there is a difference between communicating and communicating clearly. A major way to communicate clearly is for partners to understand male and female emotions respectively. Obviously, a man is emotionally different from a woman. However, it is when a the couple understands the foregoing that they can become a powerful Christain couple. For instance, if you hurt a woman’s feelings, she might let go momentarily but she will never forget. As a man, make sure that you build positive and beautiful memories because the woman remembers and her dealings with you will stem from such memories.

For the men, they always have ego. As a woman, you need to learn to give positive criticism, appreciate him constantly and reassure him as well. Don’t EVER compare your man with another. Otherwise, hell will be let loose!

4. Be Conscious of the Sexometer

Let us be honest, sex is very important in a marital relationship. In fact, it is a duty for married couples (1Cor. 7: 3-5). To be a powerful Christain couple, you must not neglect this.

I don’t know how realistic the below table is especially with regards to the twice and daily frequency is. I believe that you can find your way and what works for you both.

Twice a dayA very happy Marriage/honeymoon phase
DailyA Happy Marriage
Once a week A Marraige experiencing pressures of life
Twice a monthA disharmonious marriage. Always quarrelling
Once a monthPartners are co-existing. Very uninterested in each other
Once in 2/3monthsVery disharmonious. One of the partners might be unfaithful
Once in 6monthsmarital breakdown
source: Dag Heward-Mills as culled from Unending Joy in Marriage by Larry Udu

5. Mutual Respect

A powerful Christain couple must respect one other. This is evident in the way and manner you address each other, treat each other as well as in making decisions together.

Do you have more tips for us? Please share with us via the comment section.

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