How to Become a Resilient Lady

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You have the ability to withstand all odds against you, you just need to look inwards

Resilience is an admirable attribute. It is a virtue that requires a conscious and intentional effort to develop. When we say that a lady is resilient, what do we mean?

We mean that she has the ability to choose her battles. She knows that she has the power to deal with all kinds of negative situations without getting consumed. Consequently, she has the innate ability to recover quickly from whatever emotional or psychological trouble she is facing.

As stated earlier, you can develop the virtue of resilience. Here are few tips to guide you on how to become a resilient lady.

How to Become a Resilient Lady

1. Work on Your Mindset

You are braver than you think!

As a lady, your powerhouse is your mind.This is the reason why you have to guard your mind tenaciously. Don’t feed your mind with fear; else you would be ruled by fear. Build your mind with positive affirmations, knowledge and experience. Certainly, you must have heard about the cliche “fear women”? The “women” here is the woman of resilience. Step up, young lady and deal with your issues.

2. Build Your Support System

How to Become a Resilient Lady; Lumenar
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Your support system is your safe place. It’s the forum where you can draw strength even in your vulnerable state. Your support system should help you in the process of renewing your spirit. Thus, you definitely need one. You can draw your support system from your fellowship, your friends, your family, your siblings. Anywhere and any person who makes you happy and gives you peace, is your support system. Don’t joke with them!

3. Dare to Dream; Dare to take the Step

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You don’t think you will get picked for the role? Apply anyways. You want to run a business? Start anyways. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to self-reject. Nature has made it such that if you do not step out of your comfort or paranoid and pessimistic zone, you will never grow up. Get up and have the guts to do something you thought you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

4. Take Your Self-Care serious

How to become a Resilient Lady
image source: Lumenar

Take good care of yourself. You need to be strong in order to deal with the problems of this life. Try not to disturb yourself unnecessarily. You will be shocked to realize that what you are worried about is not worth the stress. If you are grieving, don’t over grieve. Take your physical and mental health serious.

I believe that with this few points of mine, you are on your way to becoming a resilient woman . The world awaits you!

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