How to Care for Over-stimulated Babies

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Nobody is talking about us during this pandemic.

Over-stimulated BaBies

The pandemic has got everyone talking about the economy, global health, safety, businesses, work-life with little or nothing on babies.

We observed that babies born during this pandemic are generally overstimulated. This is because caregivers are going through a lot of psychological, emotional and physical stress.

When is a baby over-stimulated?

A baby is over-stimulated when he or she is overwhelmed by more experiences, sensations, noise and activity than they can cope with. Usually, caregivers are distraught because the baby just keeps crying and crying.

Signs that your baby is over-stimulated?

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  • They get irritated and fussy
  • Sometimes, they might be withdrawn
  • Most times, they find it difficult to sleep

How to Care for Over-stimulated babies

  1. Sing them soft lullabies while you cuddle them
  2. Observe the triggers and keep the babies away from them. It could be strangers, heat, noise amongst others.
  3. Give the baby a warm bath if you are sure that your baby likes water.
  4. Take them out for a walk. This is to allow them breathe in fresh air
  5. Choose a toy that can keep your baby entertained for some time.
  6. Do not leave your baby with a stranger.
  7. Babies are very sensitive to emotions. Hence, try to give as much positive feedback as you can. For instance, a smile from time to time keeps them relaxed.

We hope that the above tips are helpful. Nevertheless, if you have serious concerns about your baby’s development and social behavior, you can consult a peadetrician, a child psychologist or an Early childhood expert.

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