How to Cope with Diaspora Husband in Nigeria

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When is your husband coming back? Are you sure he is coming back to you?

Queries like this are the bane of wives who live apart from their husbands who live abroad. Such wives are struggling with the emotional stress from societal pressures and queries as well as psychological longing to be with their various partners.

How to Cope with Diaspora Husband in Nigeria; Ways to build your Diaspora Marriage
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How Can Wives Cope with their Diaspora Husband Dilemma in Nigeria?

Where there is in existence a strong bond between a wife and her diaspora husband, it could be frustrating for her to cope here in Nigeria. This is because the societal ‘bizzybodies’ will never let her be. Below are some of the coping strategies you could adopt.

a. Get busy

When you are occupied, you will have no time for gossips. Get a job, start a business or just do something to keep you busy while you wait to join your husband. For instance, now that air travels are highly discouraged due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you cannot afford to allow yourself wallow in self-pity.

b. Apply for the right Visa

The process of obtaining a visa is generally cumbersome. Thus, it is best you do it properly from the beginning. Ask the right questions and apply for the right Visa. This is to avoid waste of time and resources.

c. Keep the fire of love burning

You married the diaspora husband. Therefore, you know him more than everyone else. Do not allow doubt and cynical comments kill your love for your husband. You are living apart at the moment and hopefully it will not always be so. Use your data and phone and communicate with your diaspora husband. Frankly, you can be in the same house and still be strange bed fellows. To sustain the fire of love between you and your husband, embrace creativity and ensure quality time and communication together.

d. Trust is essential

In every kind of relationship, trust is very important. Living far apart from your husband, makes you gullible. When you allow seeds of distrust to grow and develop in your fragile mind, you might loose it. Unless, you have cogent evidence not to trust your diaspora husband, save yourself the stress of assuming rubbish and enjoy your life and marriage.

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