How to Deal with Crazy Roommates in Your Hostel

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Remove the log in your eyes and stop looking for the speck in my eyes.

Ever had dealings with a crazy roommate?

How did you cope?

Let’s talk about how to deal with crazy roommates in your hostel.

Who is a Crazy Roommate?

Roommates come in different sizes, shapes, beliefs, personalities and a degree of craziness.

Basically, a crazy roommate is the bad egg in the room; a thorn in the flesh of other roomates.

Crazy Roommate’s Scenerios

Thelma’s Story

While in Lagos Law School, I had this roommate whose name is Bokumi. She assume the ‘Head of the Room’ position simply because she was the first person to be allocated into the room. She sought to claim all the available space with her enormous properties. Asides her domineering nature, she was very dirty irrespective of her radiant outward look. I ran mad when I opened my locker one day only to be confronted with an offensive odour. Upon investigation, I found out Bokumi stores her used pad in our public locker. I was so mad! I confronted her subsequently and she gave the excuse of guys stealing female used pad to justify her disgusting action. Her numerous wahala affected me emotionally and my academic performance suffered.

Kola’s Story
How to deal crazy roommates in Nigerian Schools; Lumenar
Image source: The Standard

During my final year in Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), I had a Prophet as a roommate. He is always speaking in tongues when everyone is asleep and he does so in a very lousy manner. Every member of the room has complained bitterly. Still, the nuisance continued. It was as though we were all pegans in the room. I struggled to sleep. In fact, most times, I stayed out of my room just so I could sleep. In the end, my health was seriously affected due to lack of insufficient sleep.

Yoma’s Story

In my room we were four female occupants. We don’t get along like that due to individual differences and personalities. However, something broke the camel’s back. I returned from my class to use the toilet one day and behold, someone blasted without flushing! I was so irritated and I began to rant. My roommates told me to flush it and blast without flushing. Can you imagine?

The above stories are quite unpalatable.

How to Deal with Your Crazy Roommate(s)

How to deal with your crazy roommates in the hostel; Lumenar
Image source: NPR
1. Respect Yourself

Respect is earned. Carry yourself the exact way you want to be addressed. Ensure that you are not guilty of the annoying things you complain of. As much as personal space in the hostel is seldomly respected, try to keep personal things personal. Furthermore, don’t talk anyhow without control, it might back fire. Be yourself.

2. Don’t Condone Rubbish

In this word, there are people who are experts in over reaching their boundaries. They use your stuffs without asking, play loud music as though they are the only one in the roo and many other uncouth behavior. These set of individuals should be shuned without mincing words. Do not indulge them. More often than not, the crazy roomates in question retraces his step and behaves his/her self.

3. Don’t Play the ‘Mummy’ or ‘Daddy’ role

Even if you are older than your crazy roommates, it does not make you their daddy or mummy. Nevertheless, if you don’t like something, speak out and let the walls hear you. If they listen, good and fine; if not report to the authorities like your Hall Warden.

4. Pray for God’s Wisdom and Grace

A bad roommate is like a heavy stumbling block and you definitely need God’s wisdom to get the stumbling block out of your way.

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