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“Gosh, I am getting older”

Boom….you are plus one!
Birthdays are joyful moments for which the celebrant should be happy and grateful for. There are so many reasons why you should celebrate your birthday. However, for some, birthdays are a reminder that “you have not done enough” and for others,  it ignites a fear of responsibility and actualising  expectations. 

Consequently, they come down with the “new age” anxiety. It is very easy for us to grow anxious on our birthdays as a result of the afore-mentioned reasons and/or for reasons best known to us. Hence, it’s very important that you deal with the new age anxiety.

How do we deal with the anxiety that comes with a new age?

a. Be kind to yourself: Be soft and kind to yourself. Birthday girl; Birthday guy….calm down and recite your favourite words of affirmation if you have one. Usually, most Yoruba indigene take advantage of the day to chant their “oriki” and immediately, the person’s morale is skyrockets. Be grateful for the wins and learn from the losses. Take care of yourself in all spheres and aspects of life.  

b. Stop the comparison: It is very easy for us to think of ourselves as being inadequate. Consequently,  you consider yourself a failure because you are not where you think you should be or what the society expects you to have become. Please, stop. Think of your many wins,  remind yourself of your blessings and be grateful for them.

c. Plan for the future: Your goals are still valid and achievable. Plan your future but not at the expense of today. Don’t starve yourself today because you are saving for tomorrow else you end up footing medical bills. 

d. Trust the process: This is a difficult task. It is not easy to be calm in the face of uncertainties. The good news is that you don’t make the uncertain certain by worrying yourself out. Take a deep breath and live one day at a time. Que Sera Sera. 

e. Medical Check-up: Take your health seriously. The anxiety might be a symptom of a medical condition. Check yourself and start your healing process.
Remember, enjoy your new age and hopefully all will be well and fine.

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