How to Wait for Your Blessings

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As our faces are different; so do our wants differ

Many of us are waiting for one thing or the other and somehow, we are beginning to loose hope. We always long for something. This is the reason why we are human. Indeed, Economists have taught us that human wants are insatiable.

It is worthy to note that some of us have lost our blessings as a result of our actions and inactions during our waiting period. So how do we wait for our blessings?

Sometimes, we are confronted with questions like

  • Do we get all that we want?
  • Can we get all that we want
  • What do we even want?

You can have all that you desire but not at once

Oprah Winfrey

So you see, you can have all that you want! Nonetheless, you have to wait for some of your blessings if not all.

How Do We Wait for our Blessings?

Image source: Jamaica Star

1. Stop Worrying!

This is obviously not the first time you have read or heard this. Nevertheless, why is it so hard to stop worrying? Why can’t we just stop worrying?

Take a deep breath and let’s see what Dale Carnegie has for us.

Have Faith in God; Learn to sleep well; love good music; see the funny side of life AND HEALTH AND HAPPINESS WILL BE YOURS.

Dale Carnegie; How to Stop Worrying and start living

To stop worrying, we need to decide to stop worrying. We can go ahead to replace worry with faith and start living. Let us learn to trust the process.

2. Take Tiny Steps

Your waiting period is not a time for you to idle about. For instance, if you long for your dream job, you need to start postioning yourself for the role. If you need to acquire more degrees, please do. If you need to learn a trade/skill, go ahead. You might need to spend extra hours to prepare a stellar application. Make sure that you add value to yourself everyday.

Whatever blessing you are waiting for, take the tiny steps within your power towards receiving the blessing.

3. Be healthy

While you wait for your blessing, be healthy. For instance, some of us trying hard to have a baby, you obviously need to be in good health in order to conceive. Your diet and lifestyle go a long way in boosting or deteriorating your health. Hence, you need to check your habits and adhere to UN directive for 2021.

Your health is very important if you want to enjoy your blessings.

4. Quit the Comparison

While waiting, you might be tempted to compare yourself with others. Does the comparison help you? If yes, carry on. If not, please stop. Know that your time is coming. Meanwhile, celebrate the wins of your friends and believe that yours will come.

Can you tell us instances when you had to wait for something? How did you cope?

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