Nuggets for a Remote Working Policy in Lagos State?

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Lagos Traffic is the silent murderer we seem to be accomodating


One thing is certain, the world will never remain the same again after the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria, the Lagos traffic has been a recurrent problem for the Lagos State government, lagosians as well as visitors of the state.

Nuggets for a remote working policy in Lagos State; Lumenar
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Individuals have died as a result of the chronic state of “hold-up” in Lagos, newborn babies have been born enroute the hospital, investments have be lost, the medical condition of most individuals resident in Lagos have also deteriorated significantly.

The restictive network of the roads in Lagos is a major factor contributing to Lagos traffic problem. The forgoing position is evidenced by the roads from Adekunle bus-stop in Lagos Mainland to Adeniji bus-stop in Lagos Island as well as from Obalende to Carter Bridge down to Constain bus-stop and many other road networks like these in Lagos.

The promulgation of labour and employment laws is within the Exclusive legislative list i.e. for the Federal government. However, states can adopt policies to that effect.

The Private sector which is the largest employer of labour in Nigeria should learn a major lesson that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us i.e. we can work from home.

However, not all types of works can actually be done from home.

Recommendations for a Remote Working Policy in Lagos State

  • Every company doing business in Lagos should have a remote working policy included in their company manual.
  • The Lagos State Ministry of Labour should have a wholistic policy document on remote working for governmental agencies and departments.
  • For Manufacturing, Engineering and other companies within this range that cannot adopt a remote working policy for all members of staff as a result of the nature of their work, such companies should ensure that their pregnant staff members, is given a remote working opportunity and the inclusion of flexible working hours.
  • Remote working policy in hospitals might be an Herculean task especially as physical consultation is a necessary part of diagnosis. Nevertheless, mechanisms for telemedicine i.e. the diagnosis and treatment via videoconferencing, should be put in place.
  • Schools too should incorporate e-learning and virtual teaching modules. This will limit school runs to science practical days and examination days.

Whether we are ready for it or not, come post Covid-19 era, the virtual world will be consolidated and one lesson which we must learn is that remote working in Nigeria is possible.

If a remote working policy is adopted in Lagos State, it has the ability of keeping most people off the roads at least between the hours of 5am to 9am which is the peak period because everyone is going to work at the same time and place (most companies are located on the Lagos Island).

Consequently, we will witness a reduction in the number of vehicles on the road thereby ending the tale of Lagos traffic , reducing accidents and protecting the environment from air and carbon pollution.

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