Office Romance in Nigeria: Four Things You Can Do

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Obviously, you fall in love with someone in your network. It follows then that since you spend a large chunk of your day at work, you might be tempted to engage in office romance.

Office Romance in Nigeria
image source: HR daily advisor

Some work places and company policies expressly prohibits office romance and any kind of romantic relationship between a its employees. On other hand, some company policies are silent on office romance.

Irrespective of company policies on office romance, employees and even employers engage in office romance.

Four Things You Can Do About Your Office Romance

1. Talk About the Modus Operandi

I am certain you do not want to jeopardize your job for a budding love story. Remember the bills! Thus, you have to be extremely cautious. It is recommended that you keep things professional and coded. However, what if you can’t resist the urge for PDA?

2. Quit your job for your love

Your productivity rate is at risk now. You don’t want to tamper with the necessary objectivity needed for decision making and team appraisals. Furthermore, your love story, gossips and office politics might collaborate to create a toxic work environment for you if you refuse to quit.

3. Be prepared, It Might not Work Out

What if your office romance does not work out? You are in for some awkward moments. In fact, the other person can decide to make the office a toxic environment for you. In extreme cases, you might be a victim of sexual assault. Are you prepared?

4. Make it Open; If You Want Your Office Romance and Job

On the other hand, you can make your office romance open and public through your HR. By so doing, you are forcing your colleague to deal with your romance. Nevertheless, you are not immune to nosy mouths and bad Belle’s in your office. It might be easier if you are in a different department/team from your office lover.

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