Side Hustles You Can Engage in This Year

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You are going broke?
Your job is at risk?
Have you lost your job?

I have a compiled a list of side hustles or businesses you can go into. They are;

1. Logistics:

This period have made delivery service industry boom because passenger travels has been curtailed by the social distancing measures. You can decide to deliver foodstuffs, cooked meals, essential household items like pads, drinking water, cleaning agents, baby foods etc.
(a.) Get a website where people can order for what they want. Contact your web designer for details.
(b.) Go into bulk buying of essential goods.
(c.) start with your close pals and friends.

You will roughly need about N150,000-N200,000 as your startup capital.

2. Vlogging:

Side Hustles you can engage in this year
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You can either teach people the how to do things or entertain them on YouTube. If you are a Nurse for example, you might want to provide online anti-natal classes for pregnant women. Whichever you want to do, make sure your contents are original. You don’t want to run foul of YouTube’s policies. The number of your subscribers goes a long way in determining how much hits your account every month.


You need a camera, a set-up in your home for creating your videos.
You need video-editing skills.
You need digital marketing skills.
You need data too.
You will roughly need about N120,000 – N150,000 for start-up.

3. Content Creation:

You can be a digital content creator for companies, bloggers, magazines and media companies. Your pay depends on your negotiating skills.

How: Read, be observant and creative. Make sure your content suits your intended market.
You can start with nothing as long as you have a smartphone.

4. Research Analyst:

You can be an analyst for companies and startups. People are interested in knowing the future of certain sectors of the economy. This means that you have to be detailed in your analysis. You can also go into online coaching and teaching.
How: Get your LinkedIn profile updated.
Start researching and publishing. You might get hired.

5. Farming:

You can go into agriculture. In this industry nothing is a waste. There are different aspects of agriculture business. Crops, cattle rearing, piggery, snail farming, fish farming etc. Plant, eat some and sell your produce.
How: Look for an uncultivated land for sale or for lease.
If you are going into crop planting, you will obviously need seedlings, fingerlings for fish etc.
Get basic knowledge on agric buisness.

You will need about N70,000- N100,000 as a start-up capital.

6. Web-design:

Yeah. Most people are taking their business online. They obviously need the services of a front end back end web-developer. Market your skills and set the ball rolling.
How: You need a laptop, data bundle and a set-up(Table, Chair and writing pad basically).
If you have a laptop, you need about N30,000 – N50,000 to begin. No laptop, you need about N100,000-N120,000.

7. Volunteering:

You can go into volunteering. Most people are not fine mentally. You can decide to volunteer to feed the hungry, coach the school kids, help pregnant women understand their condition and the importance of hygiene. You can venture into Community Development Services and help in the actualisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Skills like this can help you pursue a career in International Development

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