What Church Girls Should Know About Quilox

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You risk grave embarrassment when you go to a place and you have no idea about the modus operandi of the place. This is why we have put together some things church girls should know about Quilox. Remember, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Our time of youth is a time to explore and have a taste of all kinds of lifestyle. One of such lifestyle is clubbing.

What Church Girls Should Know About Quilox

a. The club never opens promptly

You have been invited for a party at Quilox scheduled to begin at 12:00am. Don’t stress it by attempting to come before or at 12: 00am. Take your time. The later it gets, the busier the club and it means maximum fun to be enjoyed.

b. You are going to a club; dress like it

You can’t go to Quilox dressed like you are going to church. You will be bounced right away. In other words, if you are the decency freak, don’t go close to Quilox. Yes, don’t make the mistake of taking slippers along with you so as to relieve your feet from the painful heels. The dress code for quilox is “sexy”. Don’t fall short.

c. Don’t go to Quilox if you are broke!

You will be deeply ashamed if you do so. Seats in Quilox are paid for except the bar. The least amount for a seat at Quilox is N100,000 i.e. if it has not been increased lately. If you decide to seat at the bar, there is a presumption that you came for work. Thus, don’t get embarrassed if a random guy asks you for your price per night. Drinks too are also expensive. Hence, if you go into Quilox with a sugar daddy, you might be covered so long as you do the needful i.e. dance, rock and present your body for their gratification.

d. You risk being Tipsy and High

There is nothing like “you don’t do alcohol” because you will find variants of them at Quilox. Consequently, if you want to experience Quilox as a church girl, you must drink! If you can’t trust yourself with alcohol, don’t go to Quilox alone.

What Church Girls Should Know About Quilox; Nightclubs in Lagos

e. The Noise is Overwhelming

You will probably be overwhelmed with the noise. Sorry, that’s one of the things you should expect in Quilox.

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