What Do You Think About Virtual Weddings?

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Whoops! For many individuals, this year ought to be their “I Do” year. However, some have their wedding plans on hold in adherence to the Covid-19 prevention protocols while others have cancelled their wedding plans totally because they have had a rethink and for others an online wedding it is all the way.

Weddings are one of the most memorable events that happen to us and so it is only normal that we would like to share this memorable moment with our loved ones in attendance.

What do you think of a virtual wedding? Virtual Weddings in Nigeria; How to plan a virtual wedding?
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The Virtual Wedding Way?

Couples who have opted for a virtual wedding seek to share this memorable event with their loved ones, friends and well-wishers online. For this set of individuals, no amount of “bad belle” will come against their wedding plans. The wedding must come through come what may.

In case you are thinking along this route, no problem! It is your wedding as long as you are happy and your partner is comfortable with the decision. Nevertheless, if you are the glitz and glam kind of person, a virtual wedding might not be for you. Who says a virtual wedding will lack the glitz and glamour anyways?

What do you need to ensure a hitch-free virtual wedding?

1.You still need an event planner:
Oh yes! you do. This is not the regular physical wedding but still you still have to ensure proper organization, you need an event planner who is tech savvy. The event planner can also assist you with reliable vendors. I mean an Online wedding should be less stressful than a physical wedding. This is my opinion tho.

2. You have to ensure that your Church approves of an online wedding:
This is very important. You need an officiating Pastor. For instance, in the Catholic Church, everything is on hold. Nothing is going on. However, in some other churches like the Harvesters church, online weddings can be held. The Marriage Registries in Nigeria are currently closed and sadly there are no mechanism for the celebration of an online statutory marriage.

3. You have to ensure the availability of witnesses.
Asides from close family members, you must have witnesses to the celebration of your marriage. Marital vows are expected to be exchanged in public and in presence of witnesses. This is necessary for legal validity sake.

4. You have to agree with family members.
It is not nice to move on to a new stage of life without carrying your family members along. Invitations should still be dispatched and you must ensure that the modalities needed to ensure their active participation is provided.

5. You need to ensure adequate power supply and network.
This is obviously a necessity. I mean you do not want your virtual wedding to be disrupted by irregular network and power supply.

Let us know what you think? Do you support romance without finance?

Virtual Wedding in Nigeria?

On the downside, Nigeria is not ready for online weddings yet especially with regards to the Nigerian customs and traditions as well as social perception.

The Marriage institution is an hallowed one in Africa and especially in Nigeria. Again, we might have serious identity issues with regards to the actual family members of the intending couple.

Still, a virtual wedding might be possible provided that you have fufilled the prerequisites like completing the marriage course, introduction to the family members of each other as well as the availability of the Church of the couple in question etc.

With regards to the cost effectiveness of a virtual wedding, please consult your wedding planner.

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