What You Should Do About Job Search and Misplaced Identities

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Many of us are “job searching” and often times we feel like we have lost our identities or have “misplaced identities”.
Job search is a full time role that is unpaid in monetary terms. This means that you need to give it your all to get the desired result. It is unpaid in the sense that money isn’t coming in. Nevertheless, you could get paid through personal self development. 

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In job search, you either secure the job or you do not. What happens when you don’t secure the job?
Some individuals take the courageous step of becoming self-employed. While the rest wallow in self-pity.

What happens when you don’t secure the job?

a. You might lose yourself and your Identity.

Yeah. For some, their identity is their place of work and the amount of cash they take in every month. Thus, when an individual engages in job search repeatedly and with the expected effort with no corresponding result, there is a serious problem.  It is normal for such  person to question his/her abilities, doubt his skills and consequently loose him or herself.

b. You might slip into depression

The next thing after loosing yourself  will be allowing yourself to be depressed. You begin to compare yourself with your mates. The result is that you give up knocking and seeking.

What you should do about your misplaced identity and “fruitless” job search?

a. Keep seeking

Don’t get tired of searching.   Please, don’t. It is when you seek that you will find. Keep sending the CV and cover letter and one day you will testify.

b. Improve yourself

Check to see if you are doing it right. Are you implementing the right strategy? Is your CV in the right format? Is your cover letter properly written?  Do you go through the job descriptions thoroughly? Do you send out excellent applications?Maybe, it is high time you ask for a CV review, attend a seminar and step out of your comfort zone.

c. Do something else

Learn a skill, learn a trade, go on a vacation and if you can further your education  . Trust me, nothing done during your waiting period is a waste. You never can tell how your breakthrough will come through. Just keep the hope alive.

d. Maintain your Identity

Your identity is your personal worth. Of course, getting a job would boost your self-image and confidence. But then, where the job isn’t coming, you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process. That would be a double tragedy.¬†
Invest in yourself and enjoy your life. The job will come.

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