What You Should Know About NLS, Enugu, Agbani Campus

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Chinecherem O. Ubaka

NLS, Enugu is a beautiful place with awesome scenery for a cumbersome study you are going to encounter at the NLS as an institution. If you are a nature lover like me….then its whoopie. The full name of the campus is Augustine Nnamani Campus, Agbani, Enugu State.

Dress Code in NLS, Enugu

The dress code in NLS, Enugu Campus is white shirt on black skirt with a black shoe for ladies. Only pregnant women wear black dresses. If you love colours like me, then your bags, hairbands and wristwatches are enough for you to play with. Please note that your shoes must be black shoes as suede shoes are not allowed.

For the guys, White shirt on black trousers with a black tie and occasionally a blazer if you are the type that is never comfortable in blazers. You should pack some nice dresses and casual wears..there are a lot of adventurous places to visit in Enugu. e.g Awhum waterfall, the Museum, Okpara Square, Independence Layout, Rivers and local joints.

The Atmosphere

Another thing to love about Enugu is the liberal atmosphere the members of staff created. The atmosphere made the process of bagging a B.L exciting. There is a beautiful synergy between the students, the members of staff and the management. Classes in NLS, Enugu are not as prolonged as we hear in NLS, Lagos campus. In fact,the longest you can stay in lectures is 3pm. This means that you have time for yourself and study.

Thus, as long as you can be diplomatic about your needs, be rest assured that you will be attended to.

Need I forget the Bar part 3… Hell no. This is a place where the guys and the men and some ladies go to cool off after a stressful week of lectures. The pepper soup, the bush meat and the fresh palm-wine? You should at least add the palm-wine on your “to-drink” list.

The local foods too….yummy. “Okpa” was the life saver for breakfast buddies like me. We also had “Abacha”, “Beans agworagwo”, “Achara” etc.

Religious Activities

For the religious, there are facilities for you to praise and worship God. There is the deeper life campus fellowship, living faith(winners), Anglican, Redeemed, Clasfon and the Catholic Church. I would encourage you to make your self available and serve…trust me it is an exciting and wonderful opportunity.


The infrastructures in NLS, Enugu are adequate and excellent but not luxirious. The hostels are quite conducive (Let’s not break the ice). The library is quite small for the number of students admitted on campus. Nevertheless, you can work out your study venues as it suits you. There is a large football pitch for students to relax and play football. In addition, the tennis cot is also there for you. The Gym is quite okay but might not be up to your standard.

Geographical Location

Agbani is a bit far from the State Capital. Hence, to get to town, you are practically embarking on a journey but transportation cost is quite cheap. Again, the customer service on the part of traders in Enugu isn’t so nice. Those people are not in a hurry unlike other metropolitan cities. Everybody and everywhere is calm and Enugu is safe.

Aspirants of the bar….take a deep breath and “Experience Enugu”, study, take care of your health, sleep when you need to and take group meetings seriously.

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