Who Takes Priority in a Man’s Life: Mother or Wife?

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Who takes priority in a man’s life?His mother or his wife?

This is a very sensitive issue and this issue is the reason for many broken homes in Nigeria. 

A short Scenario on Mother or Wife Priority:

In a very young family, Oroma’s mother-in-law came visiting. They prepared for church on a Sunday and as usual, Oromasat beside her husband in the front. Her mother-in-law came out of the house and ordered her to move to the back of the car. For the sake of peace, she moved to the back of the car. Oroma is now asking whether a man’s wife or mother should take priority in a man’s life?


My dear, your marriage is still young. You can’t afford to start having a broken relationship with your mother-in-law. A man has only one mother o but he can have as many wives as likes. My dear, play safe. In a man’s life, his mother takes priority.


Abeg Abeg, that’s rubbish. A mother-in-law has her space in a man’s life; a wife has her space too. Problem arises when one tries to encroach in the other person’s space. There is no need for sentiment here. Oroma’s mother-in-law seems like the troublesome type. 


My dear, this not a simple issue. I think that it falls back to the man’s table. It is for him to protect the integrity of his marriage without sabotaging the relationship he has with his mother. However, one thing is certain. A mother-in-law should not expect the same attention she received from her son when he was single now that he is married. This is because the married son presently has responsibilities he has to cater for. I think that Oroma’s husband should have done better. 


What if the man was in a dillemma? I mean this is a young family. The man is a newly married man and so might have little or no experience to deal with issues like this. I must commend you Oroma for acting wisely. However, it is your new home; your husband’s house…your mother-in-law has no place there. You have to talk about this issue with your husband in a very calm and clear manner. I mean the problem on Sunday was who will sit in front of your husband’s car. It could be something bigger tomorrow. Please, trash this issue now before it grows into a big problem.


You girls all have good points. My dear, marriage is a different thing entirely and you have to work out your “salvation”. All in all, let wisdom guide you. 


I have heard you all. Thank you for coming to my aid. I was literally burning inside. 

Gurls: Awwn…. enjoy your marriage Oroma.

So who should take priority in a man’s life, his mother or his wife?Let’s us know what you think in the comment section. Read more on HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU GO ON DATES WITH YOUR PARTNER?