Why You are Not Making Progress

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May the consequences of our actions and inactions not hunt us down”.

Why am I not making progress? Why am I not moving forward?
Why does everything seem not to work out? Where did I get it wrong? It is normal to ask questions like these when you miss opportunities you think you shouldn’t have missed and also when it is clear that luck is no longer in your dictionary. 

There are so many contributory factors as to why you might not be making progress. However, I want to point out the fact that our actions and smart moves  in the past might be the cause of our problems.

Racheal’s Story

Let’s look at the story of Racheal in Gen. 31: 30-35. The gist about the story was that Laban, her father was looking for his houshold gods and so he pursued Jacob her husband. After querying Jacob about the missing gods, Jacob felt so embarrassed and proclaimed that if Laban searches his belongings and that of his household and finds it…the person who was in possession of the gods will be put to death. Racheal was with her father’s household gods which suggest that she is an idolaterer despite the fact that her husband worshipped God in truth. She failed to own up to the act of stealing the gods and also decieved her father by sitting on gods in order to hide them from her father. Furthermore, she played smart when she said 

Do not be angry Sir, but I am not able to stand up in your presence; I am having my monthly period". 

So what happened thereafter? Her father did not find the gods.  Did Racheal die?Yes she did. She died after child birth. She didn’t enjoy the joys of motherhood. She couldn’t progress to her husband’s house. It was the consequence of what she did with her father’s houshold gods.

Micah’s Story

On the other hand let’s look at the story of Micah in Judges 17: 1-6.Micah stole his mother’s money. Obviously, his mother looked around for the money and placed a curse on whoever it is that took the money. Unilke Racheal, Micah owned up to his offence. He confessed to his mother and returned the money back to her. Thereafter, his mother pronounced blessings on the money and on her son and forgave him.

There are times that we have mistakenly denied another person of their valuables. It is worse when your victim is vulnerable. Their cries pierces heaven directly and you know that God will surely act on their behalf. Let us be courageous, own up to our misgivings and sins, ask God for pardon and if possible please make a restitution. 

We learn this from Zachheus. The short man in the Bible who had to climb a tall tree in order to see Jesus. When he encountered Christ, he realised that by oppressing the poor, he blocked himself from seeing Christ.  What else did Zachheus do?He offered to return all monies collected illegally double fold.

My dear, the next time you ask yourself why am I not making progress?”  It might be time for take a reflective moment and think about your actions. Where possible make a restitution and SURELY, God’s goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life. 

Good to have you here! Do you agree with us? What else do you think can hinder our progress in life. Stay with us a little bit more and read our updates on HOW TO STAY TRUE TO YOUR VALUES?

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